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1.Where can i find you?

2.Whitch are the operating hours of your shops?

Monday- Wednesday - Saturday 8.30 am - 3 pm Thursday - Tuesday - Friday 8.30 am - 3 pm & 5 pm - 9 pm

3.Do you sell furnitures direct from your showrooms?

Yes the furnitures in our showrooms are for sale and are available for direct delivery. Inside the shop in deed you will find unique offers up to half price.

4. What becomes if I don't like the furnitures in your showrooms?

Most of the furnitures in our showrooms are selectively so as to they impress our most exigent customer. Nevertheless, if you seek something different, your new furnitures can be ordered via our catalogs or become a special order based on your drawings.

5.May i buy some product in special dimensions or colour?

Our multi-annual experience ensures our success in special orders. We can manufacture your furnitures, in the colour or in the dimensions that you wish. Bringing us simply a preliminary draft of the furnitures that you think,we will produce ergonomic furnitures that will have the aesthetics you want also.

6.Do i have to take the dimensions for my special order, by myself?

Do not be stressed, the dimensions are always taken by special collaborator of Makis+Nikos, to elimminate errors.


1.Can i pay by credit card?

Of course you can. Select if you pay some cash and the rests they are debited interestly-free (if your credit card supports it) in equal amounts. Alternative you debit the whole ammount in your credit card. In this case, simply it will be supposed you visit our shop at least two days earlier of delivery time for the refunding of your order.

2.Can i pay in cash, at the delivery?

Yes, our driver will receive the money of refunding and will give you your receipt, in order not to have a rough time.

3.Is there any other financial programm, that I can use because I don't want to own a credit card?

Depending on the ammount of your order and the interval of settlement that you want, the persons in charge of our shop will propose alternative solutions that would suit you absolutely right.


1.Whould you assemble my furnitures? Would i have some debit for this service?

Yes we will. The debit that you will probably have depends always on the type of your furniture and it is always in discussion with the persons in charge of our shop.

2.Do i have to pay for delivery?

Depending on the pieces, the region and your floor that you are, you will probably charged with delivery expenses. These sums are usually minimal, when they occure, and you will come into agreement with the manager.

3.Can I deliver by myself from your shops?

Of course. If this possibility exists,inform us for the day and time, so that your furnitures to be ready and packed and there to be the personnel that will help you in transshipment.

4.May i receive my furnitures even in another city, far away?

Of course you can. The process is simple. Select a transportation company, (we can propose some,if you do not have the time ), you make the agreement for the fees, based on kilometres and volume and we deliver your furnitures in the transportation warehouses, (ready and assebled if you prefer so).

5.Can i shop online?

At the present moment our web page is not been disposed for purchases online. However you may order what ever exists in our on-line catalogs, and in prices lower than the shop, by phone, or via fax, or via e-mail. Our Representative will communicate immediately for further details.

6.What about my old furnitures?

Your old furnitures can be removed from our staff. Occasionally our Company in deed allocates programs of withdrawl of old furnitures, which you can also exploit for your profit.